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Thanks To Everyone
By:David Smith
Date: 6/12/1998, 2:32 pm

Nick and all:

Just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone for the entertainment and encouragement to start my own kayak. I'm about to leave my current company, and thus my internet access, and will hopefully have access in two weeks with my new company.

I got the inspiration and tips to help me build a Cape Charles '17 from plans and I have just finished the construction of it. It looks great just sitting on the sawhorse/cradle in the garage, kind of gives one goose bumps!

The two weeks between jobs I will be working on the hull/deck paint/varnish combination, and can't wait for the first launch. I can relate to the most recent launch post where the guy had misted up from the excitement and satisfaction of finally taking his project out on the water.

Thanks again everyone for the guidance!

David Smith Minneapolis, Minnesota