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Confession/Penance of a man with too much time
By:Mark's Conscience
Date: 6/12/1998, 10:29 am

I'm a procrastinator (as you all know), but I've finally made the decision to build my first "REAL" kayak (Wolfgang Brink's Aleutian Baidarka) and I will be starting it this weekend. On my days off, I will be BUILDING. I have run out of excuses and will not be posting ANYTHING else until I have slivers in my hands and saw dust encrusted in my nostrils from building my boat.

I apologize for submitting posts of little or no use, especially the ones I, myself, have deemed "off topic". I was unaware my dribble was slowing down the load times of the main page and vow that after I meet the criteria I have stated above. I WILL STICK TO THE SUBJECT OF THIS BBS AND TO THE POSTED GUIDELINES!

What brought me to this new state of conscienceness?

"God doesn't deduct from one's life span the time spent building kayaks, paddling, or fishing, but triples the time deduction when one ONLY speaks of these."

See ya on the water. Mark's Conscience

p.s. Mark, me being your conscience, this post as well as all of its responses can only be seen by YOU!

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Confession/Penance of a man with too much time
Mark's Conscience -- 6/12/1998, 10:29 am
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David Dick -- 6/12/1998, 7:07 pm
Semper Vigilantis
Evil Mark -- 6/13/1998, 9:49 am
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Mark Kanzler -- 6/13/1998, 12:39 am
To My Conscience
Evil Mark -- 6/12/1998, 1:58 pm