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Re: The sound of one layer rolling
By:Nick Schade
Date: 6/11/1998, 9:08 pm

I've been rolling several different kayaks with a single layer (inside and out) of plain-weave 4oz cloth for about 5 years now. No problem, no signs of stress, no idea white spots.

> In rolling the hull is stressed where your knees push on the
> deck. The flexing of the deck in this area causes the hull to flex.
> The flexing causes the fiberglass to buckle and then to fail at the
> glue joints in wood strip boats. Rows fo white spots are the first
> indicators.

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Re: The sound of one layer rolling
Nick Schade -- 6/11/1998, 9:08 pm
It's not how you roll . . .
Karl Coplan -- 6/12/1998, 10:00 am
Re: It's not how you roll . . .
Rob Cochrane -- 6/12/1998, 3:55 pm