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Re: Lots of advantages
By:Karl Coplan
Date: 6/11/1998, 10:34 am

> In rolling the hull is stressed where your knees push on the
> deck. The flexing of the deck in this area causes the hull to flex.
> The flexing causes the fiberglass to buckle and then to fail at the
> glue joints in wood strip boats. Rows fo white spots are the first
> indicators.

I guess it's a good thing that my knees hit the deck of my Coastal right at the angles between the deck and the cockpit flat and next to the cockpit coaming, all of which add a lot of stiffness right there. Also, it's right where I have extra layers of glass, per Nick's recommended glassing schedule. The rest of the deck is just one layer --- but I'll keep my eye on it for rows of white spots. I can always strip the glass and reglass it if necessary.

My completely unscientific hunch is that the hull gets flexed and stressed more in the process of cartopping (hurricane force winds against two pressure points) and launching than almost anything I can do to the boat in the water.

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Re: Lots of advantages
Karl Coplan -- 6/11/1998, 10:34 am