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filling in gaps and cracks?
Date: 6/9/1998, 1:28 am

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I've been working on a guillemot kayak and it is coming out beautifully for my first kayak. The only problem is that after stripping half of it I noticed many gaps and cracks in between the strips. I was thinking I would use some kind of wood filler to fill these up, because there are enough of them and the are significantly noticable. I was wondering what any of you might do in this type of situation, because I dont know if there is a wood filler that would work well with fiberglass and epoxy. Thanks for your help,


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filling in gaps and cracks?
Matt -- 6/9/1998, 1:28 am
Prevent those gaps and cracks
Paul Jacobson -- 6/9/1998, 10:55 pm
Re: filling in gaps and cracks?
Mark Kanzler -- 6/9/1998, 9:47 am
Re: filling in gaps and cracks?
Ross Leidy -- 6/9/1998, 8:25 am