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Re: Hot Weather Glassing
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 6/8/1998, 10:59 am

I'm surprised this is new (or maybe I'm missing what part of it is new). This is S.O.P for glassing surfboards (except for the initial sealing coat). I wouldn't have known to do it otherwise. Glad it worked out, I hope others give it a try. It makes it easy to keep the glass cloth in place, but if you're not careful the wrinkles can be a mess to get out, especially if the resin starts to go off to quickly.

> The temperature was in the 90's F ,30-35 C., last week and I
> tried a new (for me) technique for laying glass. It worked out well.

> There are 2 benefits:

> you move the air up through dry cloth not through cloth with
> curing epoxy.

> you get done faster which is important in hot weather.

> Seal the hull with non-blushing epoxy and let cure for a day.

> Cut the cloth a bit large, I used rectangles 30" x 18' cut
> from 60" cloth for a hull measuring 26" x 17'. Roll the
> cloth on PCV pipe.

> Mix 1/2 to 2/3 of the epoxy you expect to use (cloth weight in
> oz/sq yd * area in sq yds * 1/2).

> Spread the epoxy on the hull using either a roller or a squeege.
> Make it a bit thick on the high spots (keel on the outside, sides
> on the inside) and thin on the low spots.

> Unroll and drop the cloth on the hull (Tape the hull edges when
> doing the inside it prevents snags). Its easier with help. Stretch
> the cloth lengthwise by pulling on the ends. Stretch the cloth crosswise
> by pulling on the sides working from the center to the ends.

> Roll or squeege the epoxy up through the cloth. Pull on the edges/ends
> to remove wrinkles. Add small amounts of epoxy as you need to.

> If you used tape on the hull edges remove it when you are almost
> done. Trim the cloth to within 1" all the way around

> If you are going to do more than one layer, you can start with
> most of the epoxy on the sealed hull and add generous amounts of epoxy
> until the last layer.

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