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Source for useful and strange, materials
By:Paul Jacobson
Date: 6/7/1998, 2:12 am

Went to visit a store today which I'd like to recommend as a a supplier of some strange materials that can be of interest to the people who visit this list. This store is rather unusual in a friendly but weird manner. Think of it as part military surplus, part industrial surplus, part electronic surplus, part educational supplies -- new and surplus, and part junkyard. They ahve a cute and clever catalog, which you can get for free through their website ( I know that is an important consideration )

The wbsite lists some of the things in the catalog, and some that are not there. The catalog lists some things that are in the store, but not everything. And, because most of this is surplus, all the above are subject to change. They know what sells, though, so if something is popular they try to get more like it. Here are some of the things I saw that kayak builders might be interested in:

For skin on frame kayaks --

* They had some of the heaviest canvas I`ve seen, I`d guess it to be 12 ounce or heavier, for $1 a lineal foot or $3 a yard. (45 inch wide, I think)

* Making a folder? They have 36 inch extra strong zippers for $2.75.

* They have sail needles ( 14 gauge x 2-3/4 inches long, with a big eye) for sewing the canvas. $2.

* Want to cover your kayak with vinyl or vinyl covered fabric? The web site lists ``Jurassic Tape'', a sheet of heavy gauge, self adhesive matte vinyl that is 54'' wide and 24 feet long. (that should cover even a triple). If you want thicker stuff, laminate two or three sheets together. I't cheap enough, too. Each roll is only $2. For six bucks you get triple wall strength, and it should stick to itself, so (hopefully) no sewing. This sounded like good material to carry for patching any large damage on a trip, too. I'm not sure how well this would work if you tried to sandwich a sheet of fabric between two layers of vinyl, but at this price I might try it.

For stitch and glue:

* 24 inch wide roll of white paper, 200 feet long, for laying out the pieces. $3.50.

* drill bits for the holes, and several types of hand drills ( manually powered for those who are masochists, or just don't have electricity nearby)

* wire for lacing up the pieces

For strippers there are a variety of clamps for holding the strips together if you choose to not use staples. They also have lots of varieties of tape if you go that route.

They have a variety of materials for sealing hatches: sheet cork, rubber foam sheeting , etc. at very reasonable prices. I found myslef looking at a sale they had on mouse pads and thinking I could cut a ring off the circumference of one of those for sealing a hatch in the hull or in a bulkhead.

A while ago there was a string about adding electricity to kayaks. They have several solar cell arrays and many rechargeable batteries.

There was a string on float bags, and other flotation. They have inflatable pillows at $1 each. One of the varieties they have looks like an inflatable back rest. it is 11 x 14 x 8 inches. ( 2 for $2)

Want to keep these things together? They have mesh bags and mesh mini cargo nets?

If you are lashing your gear to the deck they have 1/8 inch rubber shock cord in white and red ( 20 feet for $2)

Worried about your boat getting scratched when you launch it? They have foam blocks for bumpers. 4 inches in diameter and 11 inches long, with a hole running the length of them. With a rope running through them, you can use them as cushions while launching, then pull them aboard and stuff them under the deck as you paddle. ($2 each)

As I wandered through their store, and pored over their catalog I was struck by how many things they had that had been touched upon in this list and thought others might be able to use this info.

Paul Jacobson

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