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You can change the Subject on a reply
By:Pete Ford
Date: 6/4/1998, 7:12 pm

When replying to a message you can change the subject field to something more meaningful than just 're:old subject'.

For instance, if I were to just leave the default and reply to this it would fill in 're:You can change the Subject in a reply'.

Instead, I could make it more meaningful and change the subject to 'this has nothing to do with building!' and then fill in more details in the message.

That way, when people see the overview listing it will be more meaningful and you could still fill in a lot more detail in the Message about how pompous you think this message is.

Pete 'out-georging-george' Ford

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You can change the Subject on a reply
Pete Ford -- 6/4/1998, 7:12 pm
Oh Really
jk -- 6/9/1998, 10:31 am
No, you cannot.
Mark Kanzler -- 6/9/1998, 11:55 am
But, why bother?
Wes Boyd -- 6/9/1998, 7:37 pm
Re: You can If you remember to.
Mark Kanzler -- 6/4/1998, 8:26 pm
Re: Skrik wakker!!
Rob Cochrane -- 6/5/1998, 2:58 pm