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Flanged kayaks
By:Max Durruty
Date: 6/3/1998, 4:11 pm

Hey there!

I am writing you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I do not have the opportunity to access the WWW so frequently so I would ask you to answer this message to my email address:

I've recently bought Nick's book via Amazon, and it's outstanding!! I am planning to build the first southamerican Guillemot wooden kayak, but I've got a little space problem: I cannot build pieces larger than 10 feet.

I've commented Nick this problem and he suggested me building the Guillemot in three parts. Thus, I would "cut" the kayak where I would install the bulkheads (one just behind my back rest and one in front of my feet support).

The only problem is that I cannot imagine how to build the flanges!! I mean, I can imagine a bolted flange, but I do not know how to "link" the flange to the strips. Should I dovetail each of the strips to the flange? That sounds pretty weird, does it? Should I glue the strip to the flange and fiberglass them?

Well, I hope you can give me a hand with this. Thank you very much!!


PS: I would like to keep in touch with you via Email (can I access this bulletin board thru this way?) but I don't know how to do it.