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building a foldable greenlander
By:Stefano Moretti
Date: 6/3/1998, 1:34 pm

Hello there,

For the ones that were interested and have not lost faith, i have started to build a 17 ft greenland style kayak which is foldable and packs into one back pack for 25 pounds weight, Skin is pvc over polyester cloth, frame are 12 mm okume and stringers high grade aircraft aluminum.

After tracing the 6 frames, I have cut them. (3 hours tracing, 1 hour cutting).

I have then proceeded to cut strips from the skin to keep the tubing set until the skin is over the frame and the sponsons inflated. This means 36 strips that are easy on and off. A brass grommet catches onto the head of a recessed screw, and that is it. Foolproof and no bits to get lost or pieces to rust. time : 4 hours for cutting and mounting the grommets.

(to be continued) Stefano