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All most finished....
Date: 6/1/1998, 8:25 am

My kayak is remarkably close to being complete! I actually found myself wandering if I should go ahead and start the hull painting I'm so far along. Promptly scared myself and decided to do other things instead.

While I can see every blemish flaw and mistake in the boat, my neighbors come over to admire it. Randy thinks it should go in a museum somewhere it's so beautifull. He can hardly believe I'd risk damaging it by putting it in the water.

Did discover two neat things this weekend. For those epoxy runs and drips that I didn't see, a small plane works wonderfully to knock them down and shaving them flush. For my huge interior hatches (my bulkheads are really just frames with pannels that get pressed against them), I just found the mounts at the hardware store. They sell these aluminum window clips which are nice little dogleg clamps you hold down with thumb screws. Looks like the perfect sollution, simple cheap and very effective.