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French Curves, Spline curves, and Ship's Curves (Drafting Supplies)
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 5/30/1998, 10:24 am

Nick, I noticed in your book (a FANTASTIC book BTW) you talked about using spline curves, french curves, and computers (and drawing freehand). There was no mention of ship's curves, so I assume that either you're not familiar with them, or consider them an obscure tool that most people don't have.

Ship's curves are like large french curves (actually they range typically from 6 inches to about three and a half feet long). They are extremely easy to use because they tend to lend themselves well (better than french curves) to laying along the types of curves used in boat design (they're also great for airplanes).

Places like Art Supply Warehouse, and drafting supply places sell them, and they aren't too expensive. Drafting curves are like clamps, you can never own too many.

At work I use a computer to do drafting all day, so I enjoy getting back to my roots and drawing by hand (with curves and templates) when I do my own stuff. I used to do alot of ink on mylar (airplanes), but when I changed to space station, I let my pens sit in a box and the ink dried up in them (I forgot about them for a year!) so they are still soaking in soapy water to cleans they tips before proper mothballing.

Next year I hope to see you at the Southwind Kayaks Paddlesports Expo99!

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