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Re: Deck rigging- Anaerobic polyester cure...
Date: 5/29/1998, 7:40 am

Could you elaborate a bit on the wax? As in what type and where one would find recommended wax addition quantities to double? I'm not being sarcastic btw, I've just never seen anything about adding wax to it.

Also, are there any advantages of adding wax over using saran wrap, or wax paper for that matter? The saran wrap is handy for autobody work because it allows you to work the mess without getting stuck to it and having it lift off the metal. Especially handy when working with kitty hair. When it comes to sticking to metal (did I mention my experience with the stuff is autobody?), polyester resin seems to resent being forced onto it, far prefering to stick to you or painted areas. So the saran wrap does a nice job of semi taming the stuff. The curing changes were something I noticed, and only later read about. Most of the advice for using coverings had to do with shaping it and working it into crevises or tight bends and such.

> You need wax in your polyester to get a fast hard cure when laying
> cloth exposed to air. Most resins have about .25% wax (estimated from
> Fibreglast's catalog pg 7 - 5% of 5%). That is not enough wax for
> thin weae filling coats because the wax is spread too thin. Buy some
> extra wax and use twce as much as recommend.

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