Photos from Meet at the Beach 2001

Wild paint job (56,373 bytes) Night Heron (24,124 bytes) Dick Gamble in Jay Babina's skin-on-frame (17,573 bytes) Night Heron, Sea Spirit in background (17,957 bytes)
Sea Spirit (15,267 bytes) Great Auk (30,156 bytes) Outer Islander (45,737 bytes) Great Auk (29,182 bytes)
Dick Gamble's Sea Spirit (28,714 bytes) Pygmy (26,112 bytes) The Beach (42,681 bytes) Interesting hybrid in lower right (82,447 bytes)
Boats on the water (33,125 bytes) Boats on the Beach (76,752 bytes) Peter Strand's grandson and his custom skin-on-frame (59,275 bytes)  

Pictures from the 2001 gathering of kayak builders in Groton, Connecticut.

Thanks to Lisa K. Slinsky - Alzac Hounds, for sending pictures.