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Saturday, June 4, 2022

A gathering of kayak builders

at Bluff Point State Park Groton, Connecticut.

Is a fun gathering which gives us a chance to meet other builders and paddlers and talk shop a bit. People generously let others try out their boats. It is great fun to see the variety of designs and techniques used. There is everything from very traditional skin-on-frame Greenland style kayaks to innovative new skin-on-frame hybrids, as well as strip-built and stitch-and-glue.

The gathering is free and open to all. It is held in the sheltered waters beside the state park suitable for beginners and novice paddlers. A short paddle brings you to the open waters of Long Island Sound. People will start showing up around 10:00 am and stay until they are tired. You do not need to bring a boat. The event happens rain or shine.


The gathering is held at Bluff Point State Park Groton CT.

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