Anyone use a laser level?

Submitted byRalph Merriman onMon, 05/06/2019 - 19:09

I was wondering if many are using a laser level in forms setup or at any other time  in strip building.  I have always used the traditional methods, eyeballing and string, but perhaps it is time to upgrade as my eyes get older.  

I see many inexpensive levels for sale on line.  Is there anything I should look for, or a particular one you are happy with? I would appreciate any advice.  




Mon, 05/06/2019 - 19:33


I borrowed my neighbour's laser level and tripod and played around with it for an hour or so, when setting up the forms for my last build.

It was a mid-priced unit (a couple of hundred dollars?).

Then it went back into the case and got returned next door.

I got out the sticks and string and had the forms ready to go in another 30 minutes or so.

Been there, done that, glad I borrowed instead of buying!

Thanks John,  I had wondered if it might be more trouble than it was worth.     Just wanted to make sure I wasn't being so  stuck in my ways that I was missing a life changing experience!   Guess not.