SUP Rails

Submitted by RonPW on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 19:51

I am building a SUP, Planking on bottom skin & top skin. The rails are cove & bead. Now that I am shaping the rails I am having some cracks open up. Is there a way to fill these that will look better than seeing dark glue lines under the epoxy. It has been 20 years since I built my kayak. I remember the dark ugly glue lines. I would like to fix it now before glassing.

An SUP  would  push the limit of bead and cove, there is a significant compound curve with most designs.  You may try hitting the glue with a heat gun be careful not to burn the wood and much of the glue will  vanish.  Paint is another option.


Thank you, The strips are a lot smaller,, 3/8 inch wide by 1/4 thick. They did roll up around the radius pretty good (except for two spots, didn't clamp very well) The 2 cracks that opened up don't have any glue in them. When I did my kayak years ago I remember using wood glue & sawdust to fill cracks & it showed up a lot darker under the epoxy. Is there a better option that would show least?

I have not found a great option.  Cutting very thin strips of wood to fill the crack has probably been my most successful way of fixing this issue but it is still visible.  I do not do that until late in the sanding game so I am less likely to loosen them with the sander.