Is there a supplier in the USA for DIOLEN fabric

Submitted byAVoit1964 onWed, 09/23/2020 - 11:34

Hi everyone!

As far as the Internet is concerned, after a long search I am under the impression that DIOLEN as a Laminate-Cloth seem completely 'incognito' in the USA!

Is there anyone that knows of a US Supplier for this fabric?

It is easy to find in the UK.

(Exemple -!/fabric-and-reinforcement/kevlar-ara…)


NOTE for the curious:

DIOLEN is a fabric that has been deceptively titled "a cheap alternative to Kevlar" and the "poor man's Kevlar"! It is true that it is cheaper than Kevlar, and like Kevlar it is used for abrasion and impact resistance - HOWEVER its flexibility is the opposite of Kevlar. This is why this Fabric can do for my project what Kevlar can not do. Kevlar will break when stretched beyond 2-4%; while Diolen can stretch up to 13-14% before breaking. This difference between Kevlar and Diolen is also expressed in the measurement of their modulus (Stiffness or How easily they flex). Kevlars Modulus is high (Stiff) , while Diolen is Low (6X to 10X less, depending on the type of Kevlar). In my case a high Modulus fabric (Stiff) is NOT needed. And since High Modulus is counter productive against impact resistance (ie: Carbon Fibers extremely stiff=brittle against impact) I am looking for a very low Modulus Laminate. Most laminate fabrics have a fairly high modulus and a low 'elongation to break' (under 5%). And in most projects rigidity of the laminated 'skin' is desired. In my case the rigidity of the shell comes from a frame (as in a Skin on Frame construction), and the flexibility of the skin is an asset against impacts.

An alternative that I am considering is Dynel which has an even higher "elongation to break" performance (35%).