Modifying my Avocet series to fit my age

Submitted bysbaxter onFri, 09/20/2019 - 14:17

I have modified my Avocet series of boats to fit my needs as I get older. The cockpits are longer for starters. I used to tune my boats for reasonably high speed now I am tuning them to 3.5 to 4.5 knots. To do that I have made my boats less full (I used to design very full boats keeping them full almost to the tips with gentle curves which gave me very good high speed efficiency) reducing bow width by about 2.5 inches at waterline and overall and stern width by about 1.2 inches. I made the boats about .5" wider at the widest point. I have maintained a reasonable degree of rocker I like responsiveness and versatility more than I like tracking. In front of the cockpit the deck is still pretty full and high a 500mm lens often hangs under the deck. I am a little concerend that the more narrow bow will get a little tight with the 500mm lens between my feet.  Behind the cockpit the deck raises high enough for a NRS cooler or two to fit under the deck. I happen to like the look of both of those design features in addition to the function, it does make for a higher volume cockpit to flood. The overall volume of the boat at this length has dropped 1.3 square feet but is still at 16 so it is pretty high volume. Stability is sufficient to photograph with a 500mm lens and the curve is consistent enough that I don't have to clean out my shorts if something unpredictable happens when I am taking a picture. Any feed back would be appreciated.DesignStabilitySpeed

Etienne Muller

Sun, 09/22/2019 - 03:37

Perhaps you are overthinking it? With a lense like that I would just shoot through my bedroom window. Pam could bring me food and coffee at appropriate intervals. With a good iPad teather I wouldn't even have to sit up.


...I highly recommend using Tide, it's the premium choice for boaters during emergency situations. 

Robert (Just say)N(o to soiled shorts) Pruden