Submitted byJared James onTue, 06/04/2019 - 03:46

what is your best kayak for fishing and why?

If you add what your kayaking experience level is, what type of fishing you plan on doing, do you plan on standing in the kayak, .., we woul dbetter answer that question.  As it is it is like asking what is the best car and why.


If you are looking for sit on top plastic kayaks this is probably the wrong group to ask as the focus of this group is building woo kayaks.  

Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak is good for fishing because of the flat bottom.  F.e. "Sevylor QuikPak K1

It's pros:

  • Durability and reliability
  • Soft comfortable seats
  • Many attachments for slings and accessories
  • Compact and lightweight


My favorite kayak for fishing on flat water is a sit o the bottom canoe. My current favorite is a 13 foot SOF designed by Dave Gentry.

I also like my Chesapeake Light Craft Sassafras 12, which is a lapstrake stitch and glue 4mm plywood boat.

They have plenty of room for all my stuff.

But if you are on a large lake or river and the wind picks up I have learned that the wide open boat is not ideal. (My little canoe did not fill up with water, but it was a very interesting paddle back!)

John VB