Shop Towels used as tack cloth

Submitted byPruden17 onSat, 06/22/2019 - 10:32
Shop Towels

I normally use these shop towels, soaked with acetone, to wipe dust off any project created using marine rated epoxy...couldn't do this with the Brightside one part epoxy paint that I used to paint my canoe...Brightside easily dissolves in acetone. So when I sanded between coats (did 2 coats) I used the Shop Towels without acetone. I wasn't sure how they would work but because of the thickness and coarseness of the towels, they worked very well without leaving lint. They are quite strong as well. Just passing along my experience with this type of shop towel.


Sat, 06/22/2019 - 11:34

Have you tried making the shop towels into tack cloths? I think the traditional way is to saturate them with a resin concoction...though cheesecloth is the usual fabric.

Commercial tack 'cloths' (from the auto body store) are so cheap and effective that I don't use the cheesecloth type any more. And, the autobody type are pretty much guaranteed to be compatible with all paints.

Using thin coatings (2 part LPU paints) really shows the need for getting all the dust off the boat (and also keeping the shop clean-ish and breeze-free..)