Allowance of strips for hull of Night Heron

Submitted byKiwi onFri, 05/18/2018 - 23:58

I have just imported a kit set for a strip built Night Heron into New Zealand. In the kit is 1016 feet of  three different types of wood. I am thinking about how I use the strips. Can anybody tell me whether there is enough to complete the hull in one type of wood ie 677 feet?


I have just imported a Night Heron kit into New Zealand and I am just starting to set up the build. I have built the strong back to the required dimension of 168 inches. I put the bow and stern stem forms temporarily in place to check length. I come up with a length of 17.75 ft. Will the external stem forms give me the necessary 1.5 inches at each end to give the length overall of 18ft or am I doing something wrong? I will be cutting  a bit of each stem form and creating internal stem forms but that won't change the length. I hope I don't sound incompetent!

Thanks Kiwi Brian

Gary Heaven

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 19:13

Yep, since the form is on the inside the thickness of the strips add about .75 in at each end, assuming they are 6mm. A little less if the strips are thinner. Where abouts in NZ are you? I am based in Warkworth.

Thanks for your response,

Funnily enough I live in Dairy Flat. I am sure I will need lots of advice. I travel up through Warkworth quite regularly to see my Mother who lives in Point Wells. My e mail address is

I have done quite a bit of boating of various sorts but the build is new territory for me, and forums!

Post build obviously I want to get into sea kayaking and connect with other people who do.