Best Kayak? Help Needed

Submitted byhuba_87 onTue, 08/07/2018 - 07:31

Hi there 

I am looking for a bit of wisdom...

I have a cobra expedition, which i find is a little too long for my needs and is not as agile as id like, 

I am looking for something thin lightweight, fast and agile and after a lot of research have come up with the following SOTs.

Triumph 13 (not as thin as id like but by all accounts seems like a good choice)

RTM Tempo Angler (a little more than id like to spend but reviews are good)

Can you please advise which one may be best or if you have any other recommendations. Looking for something thats easy to get around the coast for exploration, not too fussed on touring but may do the ocassional over nighter. The lighter the better, as i am quite small.