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Submitted byJohn VanBuren onWed, 04/03/2019 - 20:43

I'm not sure what is going on as clicking on the subject doesn't get the story. Clicking on "Kayak Building" finds it.

Submitted by John VanBuren on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 13:43

Hi, I just finished reading a book that was originally published in 1950; "The Canoe Boys" by Alastair Dunnett. It is about the travels of two young men along the Scottish Coast in the 1930's. I checked and the book is still available from Amazon. The "Canoes" they used were three-section, skin on frame, wood hybrid kayaks. Reading it was time well spent. John Van Buren


This website, written by the late Ken Taylor, is worth looking at and his story, 1959, Cape Wrath mentions "The Canoe Boys".


I have "Quest by Canoe" pub 1950. The trip was done in 1934. Note - it was republished in 1995 as "The Canoe Boys".

Dunnett, Alastair (1950). Quest by canoe: Glasgow to Skye. London: G. Bell.
Republished as: Dunnett, Alastair (1969). It's too late in the year, etc. Portway reprints. Bath: Cedric Chivers.
Republished as: Dunnett, Alastair (1995). The Canoe Boys: from the Clyde past the Cuillins. Glasgow: Neil Wilson. ISBN 1-897784-42-2.


dean zimmer

Sun, 04/14/2019 - 18:09

I just found Quest by canoe: Glasgow to Skye. London: G. Bell At ABEBooks.com for $11 to $15. Great place to order used books.

...thanks, you’ve just added 100’s of must haves to my book needs. 

> ...thanks, you’ve just added 100’s of must haves to my book needs. 

Sorry there, you'll become destitute and have to live on the streets, reading books....

At a couple of dollars a book would be a major outlay.

Incidentally, if anyone spots any missing titles, please mention them.