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When I click on this video I get a pop-up - -

"Video unavailable

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Sat, 11/03/2018 - 11:31

Real nice video showing a high end approach to building a stripper. 

A lot of good info in there as well as ideal tools and their use. I just got an email from a person who was intimated by trying a stripper. I told him the truth. You can build an award-winning stripper with a $100. Table saw, a jig saw and a block plane.  For those who frequent this board, it's great to see all the possibilities in the methods. Nice artistic touches in the video. 

Thanks Jay. Sometime I want to do a video on a more basic build showing how you can get really nice results without as much fussing as I did on this build.

That build was beautiful. A bit fussy in that it really is about as close to perfect as I can imagine a strip build being, but the vid was a joy to watch. Mine never come out quite that well.....However they float. I am feeling inspired to try something a bit fancier.

Thank you!

It is a Stanley #79 "Side Rabbet Plane". It is a very useful tool for trimming strips that are already installed on the forms. In the photo below, it is all the way to the right. I also have the Veritas Side Rabbet Plane visible all the way to the left. They both do the same thing. The Stanley is a bit more convenient because it works going both directions without any adjustment where the Veritas needs to have the fence reset whenever you switch directions.

My Robo-Bevel tool works similarly but is best suited to creating a bevel at 90° to the forms where the side rabbet plans are useful for an arbitrary angle to the forms and removing more wood.

Various planes and tools for making strip built boats
A selection of planes and related tools I have for making strip built boats. The Stanley #79 side rabbet plane is all the way to the right.


Thanks. I recently received my Veritas mini, and am waiting on my order of your Robo-bevel. Our postal workers are doing rotating work stoppages, but hope to see it this week. Looking forward to doing a build over the winter.