Launch and test drive

Submitted byBob Ten Eyck onSat, 03/24/2018 - 22:25

Ok ,I need to see how this new format works. Ready to launch my new Hybrid Petrel Play this weekPetrel play

OK-Trip Report : The hybrid Petrel Play was launched this week in mild conditions. All indications are that it is a great design. Seems quick and yet stable. I installed a skeg-not needed yet. Have some fitting problems- need to add 1" foam to bulkhead foot brace and the thigh brace needs fine tuning. I like it's compactness. Could be called a pocket rocket. Need to find some waves to see what it really can do.splashed

Stephen Connelly

Fri, 01/01/2021 - 15:08


I notice you have a hatch up front. Is there a bulkhead ahead of your foot position. If so, how is the cargo room in this kayak? Do you feel you could pack for five days, given frugal gear constraints?



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