The Sarcastic Fringehead

Submitted byJimD777 onSat, 05/05/2018 - 11:53

This is my first design using the Kayak Foundry program.  While thinking up a name "birds" got disqualified, and I considered some of my favorite place names- Selden Island? Bluff Point? Nahhh....  I thought of naming it after some unremarkable forage fish, like "Alewife", but then I looked up Fish Names on Wikipedia, and there it was-the most hilarious & ridiculous name for a fish ever- The Sarcastic Fringehead. Its real, look it up!  When I quit laughing (and wondering how a fish could be sarcastic?), my mind was made up.

Lawn Launch


Length- 16'

Weight- 37 lbs.

Woods- WRC and White Pine


I have trouble avoiding comparison to my Outer Island. I wanted to design a smaller, lighter "grab-and-go" type boat, and I did, but I became too obsessed with the technical numbers on Kayak Foundry, especially the Righting Moment and Stability Factor. Its a nice "recreational" boat, but the high initial stability and the shape of the bottom make it kind of a non-performer in waves.