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In an effort to overcome the spam issues Michael Daly has migrated the data here to a [New Wiki System]. It needs a little work to get it up and running, please focus your efforts there. Thanks for your help.

Due to spam problems, the kayakwiki is currently locked. You can read but not update. Contact Nick Schade if you have any questions.

Welcome to the KayakWiki Web. This is a WikiWiki web site whose focus is Kayaks and Kayaking. Subjects may range from Eskimo Rolling to Building? Kayaks. It permits anyone to change, add, and edit any page on the site at will. Feel free to hack what others have written, write a little, or write a lot. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Edit text of this page". Be bold in updating pages.

Kayaks and Kayaking
Index of all KayakWiki pages

Kayak Building & Design
Kayak Building

Kayak Design

Kayak Modification


Places to go kayaking/organizations/clubs

Places Index

News and Reviews

kayakwiki project

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