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Taken from [Pat's Boating In Canada] web site:

USA Working Channels

U.S. Channel Usage in U.S. waters
16 Calling, Distress, and Safety
09 Calling
 68 69 71 72 78 Recreational use
24-28, 84-87 Marine Operator
13 Locks, canals, bridges, pilots
66 Calling Pacific marinas
70 DSC Digital Selective Calling only

Canadian Working Channels

Channel assignments are different in different regions of Canada. See also http://boating.ncf.ca/vhfletter.html for information on using channels that have no assignment in an area. Basically that document states that if a channel has no specific assignment in a particular region, it may be used for ship-to-ship communication - monitor the channel to ensure it isn't being used.

Channel PC WA PR LW EA GL NL AC Canadian Usage
06 Primary working channel - all regions
10           X   X SM, Search & Rescue
11 X         X   X SM, Pilotage
12 X X       X   X Port Operations, SM
13 X X X X X X X X Bridge-to-bridge (hail ships); Great Lakes navigation safety (1watt)
14           X   X Port Operations
15 X X     X X X X 1 Watt only, EPIRB buoy
16 ONLY for emergency and calling - all regions
17 X X     X X X X 1 Watt only, Pilotage
18A                 Victoria, BC Port Operations
22A X X X X X X X X to call Coast Guard only
65A     X           Great Lakes SAR, MARBs, Pollution
66A X               Calling BC marinas
67 X X X X          
68 Primary working channel - all regions
  X X X X X X X Calling marinas
69 X X X X          
71 X       X X X X Intership only
73   X X X         (BC marinas now use 66A)
74 X       X X X X SM
Channel PC WA PR LW EA GL NL AC Canadian Usage



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