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(this is NOT SPAM):
[infty.net] [chat el chat] [secretfriends live sex chat] [blk gay chat] [mortgage.infty.net] [mortgage loans online]] [mortgage rates california] [mortage loan calculator] Spammers and keywords from the recent spam on Brown's Canyon page: [medspages.com] [uzmeds.com] [xanaxreliable.com] [vicodin.home.ro] [freewebs.com] [reliablevicodin.com] [hydrocodone.16am.com] [vicodinonline.home.ro] [valiumsource.com] [allthemeds.com] [ialprazolam.home.ro] [ihydrocodone.home.ro] [alprazolamsource.com] [medxanax.home.ro] [pillspages.com] [alprazolam.home.ro] [esmartbuyer.com] [anzwers.org] [allthepills.com] [pillsonweb.com] [esmartbiz.com] [free.hostdepartment.com] [xeboo.com] [addpills.com] [valiumpharm.home.ro] [medvalium.home.ro] [hydrocodonesource.com] [xanaxpharm.home.ro] [hydrocodone.16pm.com] [hydpharm.home.ro] [buy valium] [apap buy hydrocodone online] [buy valium online] [online pharmacy hydrocodone] [buy vicodin] [buy cheap hydrocodone online] [buy cod hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone online] [vicodin online] [buy alprazolam] [vicodin] [hydrocodone] [purchase hydrocodone online] [buy generic hydrocodone] [alprazolam] [valium] [buy hydrocodone on line] [order hydrocodone] [buy cheapest hydrocodone online] [order hydrocodone online] [buy drug hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone vicodin] [buy hydrocodone overnight] [xanax] [valium anzwers.org xanax] [buy xanax online] [buy vicodin online] [buy xanax] [buy alprazolam online] [buy hydrocodone mexican]

Unfortunately KayakWiki is constantly being targeted by wiki spammers.

Wiki Spam is the adding of external links to promote irrelavent websites. Anyone can edit a page on kayakwiki, without requiring registration. This is a great thing, and fundamental part of the wiki philosophy. Editing can include the adding of external links (links to other websites), which is also a great thing. Unfortunately wiki spammers abuse this freedom, and use wikis to promote their websites. In particular they seek to improve their search engine rankings, by increasing the number of incoming links to their site, and they are willing to degrade and destroy the work of others in the process. It's sad that selfish people like this exist in the world.

Wiki spamming...

Abusive edits can be reverted by anyone. Older versions of each page are kept available on the 'view other revisions' link. Simply click that link, find the latest revision prior to the spam, 'edit' this older revision, and save it over the top, with a summary such as '-spam'.

WikiMinion is now patrolling this wiki every couple of hours. If you see lots of reverting changes by RichardP, that's because this automated anti spam bot is doing its stuff.

Wiki spam comes in several forms and varying levels of severity, but it is all unwelcome, and is not tolerated on kayakwiki (See also the kayakwiki [Linking Policy]?). Wiki spam is a problem shared by all wiki communities. Here on kayakwiki we are dedicated to keeping this wiki clear of spam, and we also play a part in wiki-wide antispam efforts.

[chongqed.org] is coordinating efforts to fight back against wiki spam on several fronts. In particular they maintain a list of known spammers, and aim to take back what the spammers desire the most: search engine rankings on their favourite spamming keywords. You are encouraged to add chonqing links below. To do this you must first report the spam to chonqed.org, and then after they have accepted your entry, link to their database from here.

Incidents of wiki spam on Kayak Wiki

As well as removing spam, you can report incidents of spam below. (Older reports deleted. This is since December)

The spammer described on chongqed.org: [8cx.net] also hit kayakwiki. Just the Rudder? page. -- Halz 1st Dec 2004

Watched our spammer today as he hit multiple pages and wiped his changes as he created them. Pretty certain he is doing it manually, based on the time it took hin to edit multiple pages. - Mike Dec, 7 '04

The cigarette spammer is attacking the same three pages repeatedly: HomePage, Put On A Page, and Building?. These links to a russian spamdexing farm boom dot ru and newmail dot ru, which in turn links to searchmeup dot com (via some weird javascript redirects). Seachmeup have been linked to some other spams. This pseudo search engine is basically a spamdexing link farm too, linking to a whole range of nafarious websites, in this case sites selling cigarettes and tobacco.

Looking at the history, the spammer has IP address (Nick can you figure out how to block this???). They have visited 7 times in the past week. My message at the top of the page did not deter them. They spammed again today, but they did switch IP address to Interestingly the first few visits seemed to be experimentation, with a link to excce dot com (a chinese website). Maybe this is closer to the spammer's true identity. If so then we have their phone number in china: 0571-88687972,88687929 (from the bottom of the website)

Some keywords are in the chonq database: [advertising], [baby gift], [business gift], [buy cigarette], [camel cigarette], [camel cigarettes], [cheap cigarette], [christmas gift], [christmas gift basket], [christmas gift idea], [christmas idea], [christmas present], [christmas shopping], [cigarette discount], [cigarette store], [corporate gift], [corporate gift basket], [discount cigarette], [food gift basket], [free cigarette], [gift bag], [gift box], [gift for man], [gift fruit], [gift idea], [gift idea for man], [golf gift], [holiday gift], [kool cigarette], [marlboro cigarette], [marlboro cigarettes], [newport cigarette], [online cigarette], [promotional gift], [the man the gift], [unique gift], [winston cigarette]

Halz - 17th Dec 2004

Cleaned up spam on Home page-second time today. Spammer prefaced links with an "I'm Sorry" Mike 12/18/04

Hi Folks, the wiki spammers are probably Chinese workers who are doing this for their job, so they are not reading nor caring that they are disruptive. Until we can figure out a wiki wide solution to this, it is going to be a big pain in the ass! Folks over at CommunityWiki? are working on a peer to peer black list, although I am not sure how UseMod? fits into this. I believe that MeatballWiki? put a hard ban on all Chinese IP addresses until a solution can be figured out. Best, MarkDilley

Cleaned spam flavored garbage off Template/Talk? today. Oddly it did not display on the screen but when I checked the editable version there was a pile of you-know-what. Mike 12/20/04

The same cigarette spam from has been plastered all over many pages now. An I.P. address block should be very simple Nick! I've cleaned up some of it, but I'm visiting family over christmas, and it's taking too long over their crappy my modem connection, so if someone else wants to do some reverting. take a look at the RecentChanges -- Halz - 26th Dec 2004

I've been cleaning some of this stuff up too, but the volume is horrendous.

I'm wondering if their objective is to have these pages display the spam or just fool the search engine indexing into thinking they've got lots of links. and hence push them up the search results.

As far as blocking all of a country, my personal spam filter for email blocks all of Asia and Russia. Also, all of *.biz. It's brutal, but until their governments start enforcing some kind of spam protection, I won't miss them.

Mike Daly

I don't know what that specific moron is trying to achieve. He's spamming for lots of subdomains of the domains

When you visit those pages, you will get redirected again. It seems you cannot buy anything from those pages directly. So why raise their google rank?

I've seen this particular spammer before, coming from other IP addresses. It seems like he is using open proxies for his spamming. The last two machines he used must have been shut down (or fixed) after I complained to the admins. So blocking this specific IP will be of limited value. Blocking edits that try to add the term 'cigarettes' to a page, seems a much better idea, IMHO.


The latest problems are coming from an IP belonging to the Puerto Rico Telephone Company PRTC Can someone in the US complain to this company about this and see if they'll do anything to shut down the spammer? I can't find an email address from their English web site and the phone numbers aren't toll free from where I live. - Mike Daly

Do a search for 'viceroy', and you'll notice there's a few cigarette spammed pages we've missed. I will get around to cleaning these some time soon hopefully.
They are raising the google rank of their spamdexing link farm, which in turn raises the rank of the pages they are linking to. Interestingly they have this redirect which makes it difficult to see the link farm itself. Maybe this is to make it harder for us to figure out who their actual SEO customers are. - Halz 17th Jan

I was watching the spammer work last Wednesday evening and wiping the spam off as fast as he was putting it on. We even got a few attempts to edit the same pages at the same time. (He seemed to hit each page twice) Eventually, though, we both lost the priviledge to make any new edits. He left but I was unable to make an edit until Monday am. I asked Nick if he had shut off editing but he hadn't. He suggested that the ISP might have noticed unusal traffic and taken action.---Mike 1/17/05

It looks like editimg has only been reenabled for 4 hours and already I'm seeing new spam.

Mike 1/17/05

Cleaned up more spam this morning. A lot of the links were to (dot)ru addresses. I followed a few and they took me to searchmeup(dot)com, which seems to be some sort of limited search engine. Can't quite figure out what they're trying to do. Mike 1/23/05

This cigarette spammer 'boom.ru' is still spamming kayakwiki (been at it for several months now). Recently they switched tactics, and are now releasing a steady trickle of spam. Only three links at the bottom of each page, but on many different pages. None of this is fooling WikiMinion, but you can imagine the more subtle approach working well against humans on other wikis. And they don't stop spamming kayakwiki since they've got their spam-bot all set up to attack this wiki. Until we switch to oddmuse (which has content blacklisting) we will just have to put up with the mess on RecentChanges. -- Halz - 14th March 2005

Halz, unfortunately WikiMinion's IP blacklisting feature didn't help to reduce the fallout in RecentChanges this time because the spammer was inserting his spam using a large list of unsecured proxies, a list large enough that nearly every edit came in via a different IP address. -- RichardP - 14th March 2005

Yeah this spammer is advanced. Swapping IP addresses, and as I say, linking in quite a subtle manner, which shows a good understanding of the way wikis work. Also the links are slightly different on each page, which shows a good understanding of how google works. They are only using a limited set of domain names ('chat dot ru' 'boom dot ru'), so would be extremely easy to block if the wiki software provided simple content filtering. They've started just recently to spam with a new domain name: 'infty dot net'. Some chonqing:[mortgage.infty.net],[mortgage loans online]],[mortgage rates california],[mortage loan calculator]. --Halz - 29th March 2005

Still it goes on. These people are definately the biggest menace to kayakwiki at the moment. Some more chongqing links: [infty.net], [chat el chat], [secretfriends live sex chat], [blk gay chat] -- Halz - 25th Apr 2005

Arrgh! Major cleanup needed! has just sprayed their crap all over this wiki. about 60 pages spammed with links to pornography. I might see if Manni can set his bot on this job -- Halz - 2nd Feb 2005

My assessment is that it's more like 500 pages of spam --Mike

Seemed like half the pages I looked at were spammed - mostly porn links, but the person doing that seemed to be chasing someone doing cigarette advertising and replacing those pages. I hate to think how this affects the hosting site's disc sage. Fixing things is a particularly mindless task - it must be possible to write a script which goes through the site a removes recent revisions based on their coming from a specific (or a group) of IP addresses ?

Thankyou Andy Waddington and RichardP for cleaning up this mess. I think this was the nastiest spam attack yet, in terms of the number of pages spammed and also the unpleasant content of the spam. Hope this spammer doesn't come back. -- Halz - 2nd Feb 2005

Oh. He came back (changed IP to He's spamming right now, and WikiMinion is patiently reverting everything again at the same time! I guess it doesn't add to the banlist until after a particular cleanup run. -- Halz - 11th Feb 2005

We had a human spammer based in France who signed our GuestBook page following all the correct formattings. It was indentified as spam here. You may remember this sparked a big discussion because they began removing the comments from this wiki spam page, and then they were persuaded to join in the discussion. Well they were listed on chongqed.org for a while, and further discussions ensued. This discussion can be found [here]. As you can see the antispam people at chongqed.org came to an agreement, which the kayakwiki people should also be happy to support. As such I'm removing the discussion (and all mentions of the website concerned) -- Halz - 28th Feb 2005

Here is spammers and keywords from the recent spam on Brown's Canyon page (It was cleaned up rapidly by WikiMinion, but always good to chonq them anyway):

Spammer domains: [medspages.com] [uzmeds.com] [xanaxreliable.com] [vicodin.home.ro] [freewebs.com] [reliablevicodin.com] [hydrocodone.16am.com] [vicodinonline.home.ro] [valiumsource.com] [allthemeds.com] [ialprazolam.home.ro] [ihydrocodone.home.ro] [alprazolamsource.com] [medxanax.home.ro] [pillspages.com] [alprazolam.home.ro] [esmartbuyer.com] [anzwers.org] [allthepills.com] [pillsonweb.com] [esmartbiz.com] [free.hostdepartment.com] [xeboo.com] [addpills.com] [valiumpharm.home.ro] [medvalium.home.ro] [hydrocodonesource.com] [xanaxpharm.home.ro] [hydrocodone.16pm.com] [hydpharm.home.ro]

Keywords: [buy valium] [apap buy hydrocodone online] [buy valium online] [online pharmacy hydrocodone] [buy vicodin] [buy cheap hydrocodone online] [buy cod hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone online] [vicodin online] [buy alprazolam] [vicodin] [hydrocodone] [purchase hydrocodone online] [buy generic hydrocodone] [alprazolam] [valium] [buy hydrocodone on line] [order hydrocodone] [buy cheapest hydrocodone online] [order hydrocodone online] [buy drug hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone] [buy hydrocodone vicodin] [buy hydrocodone overnight] [xanax] [valium anzwers.org xanax] [buy xanax online] [buy vicodin online] [buy xanax] [buy alprazolam online] [buy hydrocodone mexican] -- Halz - 3rd Mar 2005

On [revision 5] of the page called [Skeg] someone appended the following text:
If your interested; skeg.net and skeg.org are for sale. Simply visit the domain and select the "Contact Us" link for more info.
I removed this text as spam, but in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have done so. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether this is spam, or not? -- RichardP - 14th March 2005

I would say this is commercial promotion which is mildly inappropriate. The idea that someone on kayakwiki would want to buy skeg.net is pretty silly (a skeg is a funny little plastic thing which some kayaks have), and you can imagine these people going around many wikis/blogs adding similar comments to sell their obscure domain names. But on the other hand it's not entirely off-topic, so I'd say delete the message (as you have done), but no need to block their IP address or anything. -- Halz - 15th Mar 2005

The "If you are planning a kayak trip" page that was recently de-spammed need to be deleted from the Wiki. I don't know that there are any links to it, but it's just pure vulgarity and not kayak related.--Mike 18 March 2005

Mike, there is some discussion of that page over on the Bad Jokes And Other Deleted Nonsense page. -- RichardP - 18th Mar 2005

Thanks Richard. I redirected both pages to New Page Spam--Mike 19 March 2005

I definitely agree with your decision. It has been months and no one has stepped up to defend the existance of those pages on the Bad Jokes And Other Deleted Nonsense page. I think you were right to delete them. By the way, in the future, rather than redirecting spam/off-topic pages it is probably better to use UseMod?'s built-in DeletedPage badge. Marking a page by adding the text DeletedPage to the start of the page will cause KayakWiki to automatically delete the page if no one removes the DeletedPage badge within a reasonable amount of time. -- RichardP - 20th Mar 2005

Hi Yall - i just opened a wiki and goggled "wiki spam" - so i found this webpage. very informative. what a shame. i think i might lock all my wiki pages now. thanks.

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