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WikiMinion is a anti-sp@m bot, which is doing an excellent job of cleaning up Wiki Spam on kayakwiki (and several other wikis). It has a feature to automatically add some spammers to the banlist, which can result in a nuisance spammer being banned from this wiki before they even visit it!

[Home of wikiminion on Thought Storms wiki]

It's created, and being run by RichardP.

It is configured to check kayakwiki for spam every 2 hours.

This is does not mean the end of Wiki Spam, but its certainly a useful contribution! If you see spam you are still encouraged to revert the edit. In the recent porno spam attacks, the number of pages hit meant that this bot was the only feasible way to clean it all up. In such cases you might like to revert just the more prominent pages (e.g. HomePage) and leave wikiminion to do the rest.

Discuss wikiminion: /Talk

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