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Discussion about who owns kayakwiki

RB-Ex-MrPolo waded in with a link on the Homepage to a page with a big long title. This was a bit messy, so I am moving it this dicussion page. However I think he raised some interesting questions which have not been fully addressed.

Nojer2 - 4th May

As a person about to invest some time and effort into adding info to this KAYAKWIKI, or to create a new WIKI for CanoePolo? (or whatever), there are certain questions you should ask, and "assurances" you would prefer to have before making that decision and investment (having had disappointing experiences before in making such an investment in social content) . So, let's ask those questions here, and hopefully the "owner" or other people can answer the questions.

1. What assurance have we that the KayakWiki will be long lived ? Who has the right or power to "pull the plug" on kayakwiki ? What happens if unfortunate circumstances overtake that person or entity, such as death, poverty, dissolution ? Or the hosting entity (ISP or whatever) goes out of business/operation, or is a Freebie site which changes to a Pay-Up site, or restricts Free usage.

2. What resources/people/entities is the Kayakwiki reliant/dependent on? What contingency planning covers each of these resources / dependencies. - Web Host, provided of the software, operator of the environment, Administrtors etc etc.

3. If unfortunate circumstances do overtake KAYAKWIKI, is there any desingated inheritor of the content/information ?

Most clubs and associations have a dissolution section in their constituion, to specify who will inherit the club assets if the club is dissolved for any reason. Often other similar clubs, or higher level associations are designated as the inheritor of the assets.

Can we make arrangements for some assuredly long lived body to either provide the resources and/or inherit the assets ? In short, to be our "patron".

Can we discuss the need for such an assured, long lived "patron":
DISCUSSION- Do we need a -Patron- for kayakwiki. What should be the role-contract of the -Patron-.

I would like to initally suggest that the International Canoe Federation could perhaps be a suitable "patron", without the ICF in anyway being able to exert influnce or control over the the free and democratic content, growth and change of the kayakwiki. Perhaps we can talk about it in:
DICUSSION- who would be a suitable -Patron- for kayakwiki

RB-Ex-MrPolo - some time back in 2000

All this talk of dissolution constitution designated patrons etc seems a bit over the top, at least while the kayakwiki community is still so small. However I do share some of these concerns. Having invested a significant amount of time adding content to kayakwiki, I would be extremely annoyed if the website were to just disappear off the face of the earth one day. As any long-time web surfers know, websites do just disappear, leaving nothing but 'Not found' errors, where once there was a site. This is particularly true of one-man operations. To re-assure myself, I've come up with a Backup Strategy. This makes me feel better about investing time, and hopefully it will alay other people's fears too.

Maybe you could add to this Nick. For example do you keep back-ups of your website locally? - Nojer2 7th Nov 2004

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