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Welcome to kayakwiki! This is a website with all kinds information related to kayaking. Feel free to browse the information about types of kayaking, Kayaking Places around the world, Equipment, Kayak building, Kayak Design, etc.

...but wait! This is not just an ordinary website. This information has been assembled collaboratively by kayakers all around the internet, and it's still growing. Anyone can contribute and see their contributions immediately, without even registering... and that includes you! Get involved in the kayakwiki community. Contribute your knowledge, and help to improve the information you see here. Simply click the 'Edit text of this page' link at the bottom of any kayakwiki page to make changes. It's really as simple as that.

There's plenty more tricks to learn about wiki editing, but the most important thing to do is to be bold in updating pages. If you want to try out wiki editing somewhere where it doesn't matter, go the RollingPool. This is a practice page where you can play around editing the text as much as you like.

If you still want to read some more before you try this out, take a look at How Does One Edit A Page, and Most Common KayakWiki Faux Pas

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