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The world wide web, aka the internet, is a fantastic resouce for finding information about building? and using kayaks. Scattered all thoughout the pages on KayakWiki are numerous references to information available on line. They run the gammit from pages of information, to commercial vendors, to building logs, to movies of stroke mechanics.

One of the most useful tools for finding information on the web is a search engine.

The references you find on the web all have in common their access using a set protocol: Hypertext Markup Language, (html).

If you have information you want to make available to others, you need to put it (text, pictures, graphics) onto a computer which is turned on and available to the internet all day, every day. This computer is generally called a server. Usually you will not run your own server, but use some of the space on someone else's server.

There are groups which make space available "for free" ... that is they allow you to put a homepage or pictures on the web, but they litter the scene with banners and other advertisements in payment for your free access. Other groups make space available to everyone who uses an internet service provider (ISP). Your ISP probably has this service or can make it available to you for a small additional charge.

To make a bulletin board available, like Nick Schade has done in the kayak builder's fora and this Wiki, you need special permission - and usually need to pay extra for the privledge.

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