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This is the main general discussion page on kayakwiki

Note that there are many other discussion pages on more specific topics. You can discuss the contents of any particular page, by editing (or creating) a '/Talk' sub page.

I have not been monitoring this wiki as much as I probably should. For example, I don't read this page very often. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me please use my [email webform] to contact me directly - Nick Schade

Changing Linked pages

Nick, I put up a start on building Greenland paddles, and then saw another link more specific to that, which remains undefined. Is there a way to move one page from here to there, or does it need to be rewritten? -Don Beale Jan 7th 2002

You can either rewrite the more specific page to reflect all your good information ("edit" your new page, and cut'n'paste all the formatted text code to the more specific page).

Or, you can put in a #REDIRECtT? (intentionally misspelled) code to send people from one page to another without clicking. This would work well for synonyms of the same word, where separate descriptions would be redundant. Shawn Baker Jan 7th 2002

Allowed Users

Nick, is there any way you can create an 'allowed' list of users and keep non-Paddlewisers off the list? -- Dec 31st 2001

No, there is no practical way to keep "undesirables" from editing pages until they are specifically identified... -- Nick Schade Dec 31st 2001

Nick sent invitations out to more than just Paddlewise. There are also Kayak Forum participants, Greenland Forum participants, and possibly quite a few others. Part of Wiki's power is that it has no constraints, it is free-flowing, and must be that way to really grow. It's a bit anarchistic, but we can all work together to revise or delete highly biased or untrue pages. Shawn Baker Dec 31st 2001

I dont think this question is relavent any more. I have no idea what 'Paddlewise' is (or was). I'm sure many other recent contributors would have just found kayakwiki just while surfing the web. I hope that doesn't make us "undesirable"! Kayakwiki is on the internet, and open to everyone, which is a great thing!

...however, one thing which I wondering about. I know historically this wiki was almost entirely focused on sea kayaking, so I hope that addition of lots of WhitewaterKayaking information is not pissing people off. I'm thinking of Nick Schade, and other founding contributors. You can tell me and the other whitewater kayakers to smeg off if you like. We can go build a wiki somewhere else, but I think that would be a shame. I hope you share my view, that a wiki on all types of kayaking is the best way to go. One big KayakWiki! -- Nojer2 - 23rd Nov 2004

Photo posting

Also, the thing I like to do best is post photos. It sounds like I would have to send all files to you to be posted. Do you see a way around this? -- Dec 31st 2001

...I tried another script that let people post pictures, but I didn't like it as much. But more importantly, I do not have unlimited disk space and pictures go through a lot of space in an awful hurry. One picture can be 1 Mbyte where it would take 1,000s of pages to take as much space. For that reason I am not too eager to make it too easy for people to post pictures. The best solution is set up your own server (you probably have web space from your ISP. Put the pictures there and link to them. They will then appear here. -- Nick Schade Dec 31st 2001

On the main wiki guide 'How Does One Edit A Page', it tells you how to put an image on a kayakwiki page, but Nick has added a note that we should email him with images, rather than linking to other webservers. I guess it's OK to link to other webservers provided you are sure that this is a reasonably permanent resource, and also the server owner doesn't mind 'deep linking' to their images. -- Nojer2 - 23rd Nov 04

OK I've created some clearer recommendations on a new page: How To Add An Image. -- Nojer2 - 25th Nov 04

I tried to add a page for Colorado but I think that I ended up adding two of them. Also I could not get the page to come up in the state index of places to go kayaking. I don't have an account on this wiki so I added my (de-spammed) email below. Please help me to correct my mistakes and if you like you can email me to articulate just exactly where my brain failed me. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I also included a link to a page at REI that lists many of the commericial outfitters. I do not work for REI but I'm not sure of the policy here. Many people may want to know how to get in touch with an outfitter. If this page is just for experienced boaters that organize their own trips then it should be removed. I also added a detailed description of Brown's Canyon -- 20th Oct 2004 - by tres <at> mindspring.com

Hi Tres. That all looks good. I tweaked your entries a bit. You did add two colorado pages, due to some confusing links, but that's all sorted now, and you've inspired me to add some more stuff. I read your description of Brown's Canyon. Sounds amazing! A good description too. I'm hoping the Places section will attract some more contributions like this... By the way, there isn't really registration procedure on this wiki. Just set your name in the 'Preferenes', and when you make changes, it will show up on RecentChanges page. Also it shows a link to your 'user page' so you can add a description of yourself (with email link etc) -- Nojer2 21st Oct 2004

I have a question for the group. Is there a stated policy about linking to commericial web sites? I know that we have been having a spam problem lately, kudos and thanks to the housekeepers, but I think that linking might be a good idea in certain circumstances. For instance when I did [The Grand Canyon]? we had our trip outfitted by Canyon REO and they did an excellent job. (I am not associated with them in any way). Had I not ever done The Big Ditch before I would want to know who to call. It might even be a good addition to the site if we had a place for the paddlers that use the site to rate and give some feedback to the group about some of the outfitters, guides, and or stores that we have done business with. I'm not trying to divert the wiki from anything, so the best idea might be to have a single page with some links to other sites that do it. -- Tres 27 October 2004

Yeah we could write a [Linking Policy]?. Basically there's selfish linking, and there's linking which improves the information, and various shades in between. So with this policy we need to decide where to draw the line. Also there's a temptation to link to a website with an article, rather than writing the article again in kayakwiki, but such links should be placed at the bottom of pages, in an 'External Links' section. -- Nojer2 23 Nov 2004

Another question I have is what does the group think about creating some templates to use throughtout the site. I have started on the idea and would like to get some feedback. The first one I tried is River Run Template. Have a look and then discuss it with me: Template/Talk?. -- Tres 27 October 2004

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