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The basic process for a strip built kayak is this:

  1. Draw out the forms full size,
  2. Paste the drawings to cheap plywood,
  3. Cut out the forms using the saber-saw or band-saw,
  4. Mount? the forms on a two-by-four or strongback
  5. Resaw strips from wood 3/4 by 1/4 inch
    1. Use router(s) or shaper to put bead and cove on strips
  6. Lay 3/4" x 1/4" strips on the forms and staple in place,
  7. Add strips, gluing edge to edge, and stapling,
    1. A heat gun can be used to facilitate bending strips around forms and each other
  8. When stripped all the way around, pull the staples,
  9. Plane smooth,
  10. Sand smoother,
  11. Fiberglass the outside,
    1. Lift one half and slip wax paper in to separate the two halves (so that epoxy does not cross the shear strip)
  12. Remove the shell from the forms in two halves (deck and hull),
  13. Plane and sand the inside,
  14. Fiberglass the inside,
  15. Glue the deck and hull together,
  16. Build the cockpit coaming and fiberglass it
  17. Sand,
  18. Varnish, go to 17 and repeat until satisfied,
  19. Paddle.

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