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A method of building kayaks out of plywood.

The basic process for Stitch & Glue is: Note there are many possible variations from this method.

  1. "Scarf" together several pieces of plywood (Make one big sheet out of several 4x8 sheets. Double glassed [butt joint]?s are easier and good as well.Use 4 oz fiberglass.
  2. Draw the parts full-sized on the plywood. (correct shape is critical)
  3. Cutout the parts.
  4. Drill small holes along the edges of the parts every 3" to 5".
  5. With wire? "stitch?" the panels for the hull together through the drilled holes.
  6. Glue the interior seams with a "fillet" of thickened resin covered with `glass tape.
  7. repeat 5 & 6 for the deck.
  8. Bond together the deck and hull in a similar manner.
  9. Cut the wires and pull them out or sand them down.
  10. "Radius" the corners.
  11. Fiberglass the outside. (optional but recommend on the bottom of the hull)
  12. Sand and Paint.
  13. Paddle.

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