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Places to go kayaking around the world:

Know a good kayaking place? Follow the links above to find it. If it's not there, why not add it!

About 'Places' pages

The aim of this section of KayakWiki is to provide an guidebook style reference resource for kayaking around the world. It includes both sea kayaking put-ins, and WhitewaterKayaking river descriptions. The places are broken down into sub-sections by continent, and country/region. At the lowest level, your favourite kayaking spots are described in detail, including instructions on finding the place, whitewater grading, and details of any hazards.

You will notice that the current lists are far from exhaustive. This has the potential to become a giant free online guidebook, but we need your contributions!. Remember... Anyone can add a page to KayakWiki!

'Places' page format

All the 'places' pages should be formatted in a standardised way. For an example, look at the Glaslyn river description. All 'places' pages should include similar headings, the first one being 'category'. It should also include the navigation 'bread crumbs' at the top. But if you can't be bothered with worrying about this kind of thing, then go ahead and contribute anyway (Other people can come along and tweak your entries later)

Note: At this underdeveloped stage, the standardised format is still very much open to discussion.

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