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Hi Harry! Thanks for your new submission. I'm just trying to find other wikis this spammer has spammed. Haven't found anything yet, though. -- Manni

Nice work Manni. This wiki's getting spammed quite a lot. I'm hoping the guy who runs it will implement some spam filtering and IP blocking, but he doesn't really know how to. In the meantime I'm keeping track of it on the Wiki Spam page, (plus adding lots of [chongqed.org] back links) - Nojer2 16th Sept 04

Hi Harry, my name is Tres and I'm trying to help you create a guide book. I just wanted to let you know that your homepage link is not working for me. -- Tres
Really? crap. I only set this up recently. Is http://harrywood.co.uk working now? Works for me. maybe it was down. ....or maybe I need to link to http://www.harrywood.co.uk -- Nojer2 22nd Oct 04

Harry, It's me again. Your homepage is still not working. I used to set these things up so may I offer a couple of suggestions. First, set that computer up as harrywood.co.uk in the DNS and then add an alias of www.harrywood.co.uk and point it to the first DNS name. Then set up apache to answer to all addresses instead of a specific one (unless you have other web servers on the same machine). Then make sure that your firewall lets through requests for a new connection to TCP port 80 (either to all IP addresses or the one(s) that you assigned to the above names - depending upon whether or not www. is an alias to harrywood... or its own IP number). If you have chosen to give a different IP address to harry... and www... then you need to make sure that your machine (if indeed you have a single machine serving both addresses) has its real IP issigned to the ethernet (or ppp0) interface and that the second IP address is assigned as a virtual IP on the same interface. I can continue to try it for you if you would like. For a quicker response you may want to use email instead of this page. Tres
Hmmm [both] these [links] are working for me. Weird. I'm not running my own web server (unfortunately). It's hosted at 100webspace.com, so I presume they know what they're doing regarding IP numbers and ethernet ports etc. I have some configuration control over DNS and alias setup. But as I say, it works for me, from home and from work, so it's weird that you're not seeing it. Do you get a server error message, or a 'server not found'? -- Nojer2 24th Oct 04

Please goto Safety Gear/Talk and post some of your thoughts to my last entry. Thanks Tres 1 November 2004
Harry: have you got a quick fix to this problem: [[]] [[]] [[]]? and I'll write something about Norwegian creeking. -Theo

Yeah it seems special chars are not allowed in page names. This site currently runs on fairly basic wiki software called [useMod], which has some limitations like this. There was some talk of upgrading kayakwiki to [oddmuse] software. When that happens we can probably rename your pages to include the chars, but in the meantime you'll have to stick to the normal alphabet for page names. Just put the real river name (with the special chars) in a title at top of the page text. -- Nojer2 - 12th April 2004

Cool, I'll add info from our recent Sweden trip too -Theo

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