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Real name: Harry Wood

[Harry Wood's kayaking homepage]

[Harry in his famous yellow helmet] [Harry on the Middle Cheakamus in British Columbia]

I'm a Whitewater kayaker from the UK, and I go kayaking with Imperial College Canoe Club

I created the Places section on KayakWiki. Which I was hoping would blossom into a great big online guidebook. I was excited about this idea, but predictably enough, this has worn off a little lately.

Actually I stopped editing kayakwiki for while. The Wiki Spam problem is putting a damper on things. RichardP's anti-spam bot is keeping the wiki clean, but it there is still this problem with the RecentChanges page being so busy with spam/anti-spam edits. That really makes it difficult for a community of people to start feeding off each other's work.

We'll be needing some changes from the administrator Nick Schade to fix that. I guess if we prevented history being indexed, the spammers would largely go away (see http://wiki.chongqed.org//NoIndexHistory)

Want leave me a message? Go here: /Talk

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