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One good put in is at Millennium Park on the Dedham/West? Roxbury line. If you paddle to the left after launching, and go under the bridge, you will see "the cut" to your right. The cut was built in the 18th century for irrigation and was never repaired. The existence of the cut means you can do a loop, just go through the cut and then turn right again going down steam back to the launch at Millennium park. This takes about half a day. The cut is not navigable if the water is low. The trip is beautiful, you can't tell you're in the city most of the way.

Another good place is the town of Marshfield, on the South Shore. Marshfield is loaded with tidal rivers, salt marshes and other quiet places for the nature lover, as well as harbors and open ocean beaches. Try the North River, a tidal river that forms the boundary between Marshfield and Scituate, or Norwell on the north. There is a boat lauch area at the bridge for Rte 3A. The Audubon Society has land just off Rt 3A nearby. There are many other places, perhaps others know better than I. I'll update as I get a chance to explore.

Know a good kayaking place in Massachusetts? Why not add it!

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