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Here's some sites with info on how to make a sail for a kayak, kayak sailing and sail design.

[Rebecca Heap's Kayak Sail]

[Norm Sanders' "Sprit Rig"]

[Andrew Eddy's "modified Lateen"]

[various Tasmanian sails for sea kayaks]

[Carlow Stotz "simple sail rig"]

[Laurie Ford Sea Kayak Sailing]

[ACA Sail Rig Plans]

[Kayak Sailing Webring]

[WIPIKA Sails]

[http://home.nordnet.fr/~jlesage/miztailes/parafoil.htm"Le Mistral Parafoils]

See these links also:

[On the Aerodynamics of Sails]

[SailWiki - jargon and sailing articles]

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