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As with other WikiWikis, this is a free and open reader generated reference source. The material is contributed by kayakers on the internet all around the world; anyone who feels they know enough about something to add information to the pages. With enough people editing and contributing information, it can evolve into a definitive reference resource on all subjects relating to kayaks and kayaking, with...

That's the idea, but for this experiment to work, we need more contributions. Dont just browse the information. Add to it! And be bold in updating pages.

General kayakwiki subject guidelines

Keep pages centered around kayaks and kayaking. This is fairly broad, but for example don't talk about 'cars' unless you are talking about [carrying kayaks]? or parking?.

Currently you may notice a focus on sea kayaking, but kayakwiki covers all forms of kayaking. The Places section also has more information about the US than anywhere else, but kayakwiki is for kayakers all around the world. As more people find out about kayakwiki we hope to see the content focus becoming broader and more balanced over time. You can help by contributing your local knowledge!

Who owns and runs Kayak wiki?

This site is part of the KayakForum and is hosted by Guillemot Kayaks. For more details see Who owns kayakwiki

Discuss kayakwiki: /talk

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