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Discussion about the Index page
Good work with updating the index Mark. Out of curiosity, how did you create the new list of user pages at the bottom? Manually picked out user pages? or can you get the wiki sofware to list registered user names? -- Nojer2 - 4th Jan 2005

I picked them out by hand. I left behind those of persons who are referenced (e.g. authors or boat designers) and only picked out those who are registered. I'll not be surprised that there are a few errors.

I went thru the whole list of pages to drop those that are spam pages. Since I had to check so many, finding the registered users was a minor bit of extra work. If it wasn't for spammers, the index would take minutes to do.

Mike Daly

We could follow the example of Meatball wiki, and create a '[CategoryHomePage]'. That way the list user pages can be automatically generated using the backlinks feature [like this] (not completely automatic, since it requires us to place the category tag on all the user pages of course).

On a different point, I set up a few pages which make reference to 'user page' but perhaps 'homepage' is a better/more standard word for it. -- Nojer2 - 19th April 2005

I'm wondering why there's an index page and an index of all pages? I think the latter should replace the former rather than be in addition to the former. -- Mike Daly

Mike, you won't get any argument from me, I don't know why the original manual Index page was constructed as opposed to just referencing the automatic page constructed by the [index action]. I added the link to the index action because I noticed that the manual index had become somewhat out of date. I didn't remove the existing manual listing of pages because I figured that it must of had some purpose, a purpose that I wasn't able to recognize. If you think the manual listing is superfluous I'd certainly support your decision if you rearranged the page to replace it with a link to the index action. -- RichardP

Richard - go for it. The manual page is a pain to create and if there's an automatic page, that's preferable. Unless someone can identify a reason for a manual page, zap it. I've created the last couple of iterations and would rather not do it again. -- Mike

Well, the manual Index page can't actually be replaced with the [index action] since the menu at the bottom of every page references the manual page, and I don't have any way to change that. The best I could do is replace the manual contents with a link to the index action. -- RichardP

That looks OK. Nick Schade would have to alter the bottom link (somewhere in the wiki code), but this is not really high priority -- Nojer2 - 19th April 2005

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