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We have some special 'sub-pages' for ICCC discussions/trip organisation:

Other ICCC discussions

Discussions related to Imperial College Canoe Club. Discuss anything you like here, although probably better to stick to discussions relating to KayakWiki pages and ICCC, after all we can use [Rob's chat board], for general ICCC chit-chat.
Here's some interesting info which might have been useful before our Canada trip: British Columbia/Getting Around By Car -- Nojer2 3rd Dec 2004
I've moved the Yorkshire trip organisation, and Ralph's new page to the new locations listed above. These are 'sub-pages' of the Imperial College Canoe Club kayakwiki page. We don't want to annoy the owner of kayakwiki, or other members of the kayakwiki community by cluttering things up. The 'sub-page' mechanism is a good way to keep these pages a bit separate.

Some other things to note: Any edits to a kayakwiki page appear in the RecentChanges, and some people regularly check what's been happening on this page, to make sure people are not adding crap, or making bad changes to kayakwiki. To make this process easier on them (thereby making ICCC's use of kayakwiki less intrusive), you could follow some of the WikiTips. In particular, when you make an edit, describe the change with a few words in the little 'summary' box.

Finally don't forget that contributions to the rest of the wiki are also most welcome! -- Nojer2 (Harry) - 16th Dec 2004

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