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On kayakwiki, anyone can add a new page! No need to register or log in. New pages are made available immediately. You are encouraged to contribute your kayaking knowledge, for example maybe you know about some good local kayaking places. Add them to the Places section. You can also edit existing pages (see how does one edit a page)

There are two basic ways to start a new kayakwiki page:

  1. As you're reading through already-existing KayakWiki articles, you'll see question marks that are clickable links. You can click on a "?" link that appears after an article title, and you'll arrive at a page that says "Describe the new page here." Just delete that text and replace it with the text of your article. When you're finished, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. (Use the "Preview?" button if you want to see what the page will look like first.) -- Modifying arbitrary pages by adding/wikifying a new term and then adding a well-written entry linked from that page are a great way to continually add new topics to KayakWiki.
  2. If you want to create a brand-new topic, probably the first thing to do is to use the "search" form (see the bottom of this page, for example) and see whether someone has not already created some very similar page. If not, you can find some related topic (often a general category, like Kayak or Building?), edit that page, and (in an appropriate place) add the title of the article you want to create between double brackets, [[like this]]. (When you're naming pages, you might bear in mind the suggestions in naming conventions) Then press the "save" button at the bottom of the page. On the page you just edited, you should see a clickable "?"; click on that and go to work on your new page! -- Creating brand-new topics is a great way to help KayakWiki increase its breadth (and depth).

Read how to edit a KayakWiki page, for details about the simple wiki text editing system.

Some template files are being created that may provide a good starting point for certain types of pages. They are brand new and still being [discussed and debated]?.

Go to the RollingPool to practice if you are worried about messing up someone else's work.

The ToDoList has some suggestions for areas where kayakwiki requires new articles.

More wiki information can be found on Wiki Utilities


Bear in mind that KayakWiki is an [open content]? resource. You are contributing to a free, publicly-usable database of information. This information is not proprietary. '''You should not have copied your article from any proprietary source,''' and of course if you want your own work to remain your own "intellectual property", then you should not contribute it to KayakWiki.

Some thoughts:

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