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There are various ways of adding an image (photo or diagram) to a kayakwiki page. We want to avoid 'broken' images (This means references to image file URLs where the file is no longer available). With this in mind please consider the options before linking to external servers.

Email Nick

Nick Schade can upload image files onto the same webserver which kayakwiki is running on. This is the easiest option. You dont have to work out how to upload the image anywhere. This also has the advantage that the image will always be available whenever kayakwiki is available.

Send an email to kayakwiki @ kayakforum.com indicating which kayakwiki page the image should appear on, and don't forget to include your image file as an attachment.

When to link to images on other web sites

If your image file is already available on the web, then making it appear on a kayakwiki page is quite straightforward. However people viewing the image on kayakwiki, will actually be requesting the file from this external server every time, and so this method should only be used if...

How to add an image to a kayakwiki page

If you followed the email advice above, then Nick will add your image to the page for you (following the same method described here)

If you have made your image available on the web somewhere, you need to find the URL of the image file, and then simply 'Edit text of this page' and paste the URL in, on a saparate line in the wiki text. The URL should end in .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png



Note: The current version of the wiki software does not recognise image URLs if the file extension is in upper case (e.g. 'MyPhoto?.JPG') Unfortunately there is no way to include images at such URLs. You will need to rename the file on your server (if you can) to have a lower case extension, or just settle for a textual link to the image.

How to find the URL of your image

You can find the URL of any image on the web as follows:

If you have a good browser like [Firefox] you can now select 'View Image' and the image will appear on its own, with the image URL shown in the address bar (which you can copy & paste into a kayakwiki edit box)

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to perform this bizarre sequence of actions (get your act together Microsoft!)

Discuss how to add images: /talk?

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