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Maybe you were looking for the kayakwiki HomePage

If you have your own page of information out on a server, it generally is called your homepage. If you have a number of pages available for others to browse, it is usually the central starting point for access to all those other pages.

In your file system on your piece of the server, your home page is usually ........./index.htm It is the index which is known to the system to be the first page it should go to.

Good rules for ....../index.htm pages is that they should be interesting, specific, and contain links to the rest of your pages.

Good rules for the rest of your daughter and son pages (they are a lot like family) is for each of them to have a link back to the central homepage so that one may begin again.

For an absolutely perfect implementation (just kidding folks!) of this system feel free to visit my RAA homepage at: http://www.qsl.net/ws8g From there you can find lots about kayak building, but there is a lot of information on the other areas where I have deep interests.

There is a website avalible for the beginnning Kayaker. [Folding In Sydney] is a blog about getting started in kayaking in Sydney, Australia with a folding Kayak.

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