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Looks like the Home page has been hacked ... I recommend reverting to a version without obscene four-letter words.

In good cheer, -- Dave Sullivan

I reverted a recent edit in which someone added All the US states to the Places section (so mostly empty links). Having so many listed there makes the homepage look messy, especially as they are mostly empty links, however its useful to have them all listed on the US page, so I moved them there. We can just link to existing states pages from the homepage. I've added the '...other' link to make this clear. There's a balance to strike with these Places pages. Although we want to encourage someone to add info about their locality, we dont want to flood kayakwiki with nothing but empty pages and stubs. -- Nojer2 22nd Oct 2004

There's a minor cross-browser compatibility problem in this page. If some CSS experts or firefox enthusiasts come to visit, they might like to take a look at it (but it's not really a big deal).

The homepage design uses HTML tables, with STYLE attributes. I used the CSS 'float' property to place the boxes side-by-side. This works fine in Internet Explorer. In mozilla firefox it also looks OK except that the page footer, with links to 'Edit text of this Page' etc, appears in as a narrow bit just below the yellow box. Would be better if it appeared below the tall blue box, as rendered by I.E., but I dont know how to do this actually. The wiki software prevents me putting a table inside a table. -- Nojer2 - 24th Nov '04

I moved the Index link from the yellow table to the top of the blue table. I felt that it should be more prominent and easily accessable. Feel free to change it back if you disagree strongly. Mike Daly

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