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A kayak's handling is defined by many factors:

Does the kayak continue in a straight line when paddling stops, or will it turn or yaw to one side or another. Affected heavily by Rocker and Fineness in the ends of the boat.

A measure of the longitudinal curvature of the hull. Kayaks can be heavily rockered, like WhiteWater kayaks, which often have a "banana-shape" rocker, or rocker in the bow only. A kayak could have rocker in the stern only, but this is rare and probably difficult to control. A kayak with heavy rocker can pitch more than a boat with low rocker.

How a kayaks ends are shaped in relation to the volume in the middle of the craft.

A description of where the significant volume of the boat lies. tied closely to Fineness. Is this where someone gets to explain the PrismaticCoefficient??

Stability is a factor that isn't a direct measure of a boat's handling, but the kayak's ability or lack of ability to be easily edged, leaned, or rolled will affect other handling factors.

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